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How you can make top dollar on your home with maximum exposure in Lake Country Wisconsin!

Selling your home at first glance may seem like an overwhelming process, and it can be if you decide to do it all on your own. However, if you decide to list your home with a professional like myself – you will reap benefits of maximum exposure, unique marketing that will set your home apart from others, strong contract negotiations, and insight throughout the entire process.

If you watch the video inserted below, it will take you through the home sale process step by step and also will explain the unique and matchless steps I will take to ensure your deal will go through smoothly, fast, and most profitable.

My Services For Sellers

Strategize and Game plan beforehand

Strategizing and preparing a game plan is one of the most important steps of the home sale process. This consists of setting a timeline, making any necessary cosmetic repairs, planning for staging/professional photography, and ensuring that you understand the intensive marketing strategies I will perform with to ultimately getting your home sold.

Present your home's market analysis and set a price

Depending on your home and it’s demand in the current market, there are different approaches that can be taken to leave you with the highest results. After looking over your houses features – I will create an in depth Market Analysis and after reviewing together I will provide you with my professional opinion on which pricing strategy will end up with the most rewarding results.

create a highly detailed and visually appealing listing

Berkshire Hathaway is a LUXURY brand. That means you are working with a trained luxury agent and will never have to settle for a basic MLS listing. Each home I list for sale will have professional photography taken at no extra cost to you. From the detailed photos to the detailed description of your home – nothing about it will be subpar.

Attend All Showings And delegate Open Houses

It is important for me to be at every scheduled showing. This is because I have the deepest understanding of your particular home and know what ways to sell it. It is also important that buyers have their questions answered on site so that it will not fly over their head and potentially lead them to passing up the opportunity. I will also hold multiple open houses at specified times to bring buyers through in hopes that you will not have to scurry out of the house for multiple showings everyday.

Negotiate on your behalf before and after an accepted offer

After recieving any offers I will present them to you in a timely manner and help you understand each detail of the contract. I will then negotiate on your behalf, whether it’s about price, closing, contingencies, etc. and bring you to an agreement you will not want to deny. I will also negotiate further on any proposed amendments that may come up throughout escrow.

anticipate and prepare for closing

Keeping you in the loop and aware of the steps to come is another important aspect of the sale of your home. I will keep you in check with cancelling utilities, signatures on any necessary documents, preparation for a final walk-through, and any other pre-closing step that can be often overlooked.

No Obligation
Home Evaluation

A Zestimate of your home is not efficient and it is important to understand that. I am more than willing to provide you with a Market Analysis of your homes true value – made by an actual human that comprehends what features can make a homes value rise and fall.

This is my profession anyways! Also, with the market changing so rapidly and drastically I will keep you updated on your home’s value throughout all of the shifts and transitions.

If you’d like to receive an in-depth property analysis please fill out the information to the right!

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Have Questions About Selling?

Check out the FAQs and answers I've provided below!

In the average 3%-6% of closing costs that you are paying – what you are paying for can vary per deal. Here are the main types of fees paid for at closing:

Application fee, attorney fee, closing fee, credit report fee, escrow deposit, upfront PMI, HOA fee, homeowners insurance, lenders title insurance, point fees, title insurance, origination fees, appraisal fee, property tax, rate lock fee, recording fee, realtor commissions, tax status research fees, title search fee, and underwriting fees.

Now take a deep breath – I know this sounds like a lot (and it is,) but as I said each deal varies and it’s unlikely that you will have to pay for all of these things at one closing. Keep in mind that the average closing cost payment is about $3,000-$4,000 in Wisconsin.

The answer is..

Yes! You can buy and sell a home at the same time. A few tips I have if you plan to do so is to decide which one you want to do first. If you sell your home first, there is a chance that you will need to find a place to stay at whether that is at a family members or a rental. It is also common to start with selling because often times you may need the equity of your current home made available in order to secure a new loan. If you buy a home first you may encounter juggling two mortgages at once, or you may have to add a home sale contingency which may not be feasible varying on the person and the current market. The benefit to buying first is that you would only have pay for moving one time, and can take as long as you would like to find that new home. 

It is common for sellers to want to approach the for sale by owner (FSBO) route, however, this can end up costing you in multiple ways. You should always use a realtor when selling your home because let’s face it, unless you’re a salesmen yourself, you most likely don’t have much experience with marketing, negotiating, and creating a fair market value. Keep in mind your home is one of your biggest assets, you likely won’t purchase something that expensive again unless it’s another home which is more of a reason to work with someone that has daily experience in the field. It is dangerous to handle the requirements and legal aspects if you have not done so before. Also, more often than not FSBO’s price their home either way under market value which can essentially result in getting less money for your home than you would have, even after paying for the cost of using a realtor. Throwing a FSBO sign up in the yard, posting to your Facebook page and calling it a day will not expose your home to all the people it should be reaching to gain more interest.

The best time to sell a home is when there is less supply than there is demand – meaning less homes for sale than there are buyers looking to purchase in any given area. We call this a seller’s market and though it is difficult to predict, some signs of a sellers market would be less homes on the market weekly and interest rates beginning to drop. However, it’s an annual trend that homes can also sell best in the Spring and Summer months.

If you aren’t aware of what the current market is please feel free to give me a call and I will let you know!

The length of a home sale truly varies per deal. Factors such as desirability, condition, and the current market can impact how long your home may be active on the market. Research has shown an average of 18 days. Closings, however, vary upon both the seller and buyers preferences, and any contingencies made part of an offer. We have seen an average of 30-60 days of escrow in Wisconsin. That would be 48-78 days total. As for listing preparation – depending on your personal preference and the Realtor you decide to work with, it can take anywhere from a week to a month to get your home prepared to be listed on the MLS.

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